Eurocargo: the history of the medium segment​

Eurocargo has won more awards than any other truck in the history of freight transport medium in size, and has become over the years the commercial vehicle in Europe for its category.

Eurocargo is the worthy heir of a series of models that have made the history of the segment. Some preceding the founding of Iveco: first of all the OM Mock, who in the 60s carrying goods in Italy still farm, but making strides towards industrialization and modernity. The Wolf Cub, launched in 1959, it marks the entry of Italy in the economic boom.

In 1977, the Wolf Cub passes the baton to the range Iveco Zeta. Project is very innovative at the time, the Zeta was able to meet all the transportation needs of medium-light from 25 to 65 quintals.
The basic step in the evolution of this segment with the introduction in 1987 of the turbo engine: the advertising launch recited that: "TurboZeta. The best made better. "

A few more years and get the Eurocargo is 1991, and the new vehicle is a real revolution. Great quality and standardization of components making possible over 500 versions to meet the needs of each transport mission.

In 1992 he won the Eurocargo Truck of the Year, the first in a long line of accolades in the press.
After the restyling in 2003 and the launch of the new engines EuroV in 2006, Eurocargo was revived in 2008 in the current version, with a range cabins completely reused and design in line with the new Iveco family feeling.


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