Higher displacement and torque for the same fuel consumption

Higher displacement and torque for the same fuel consumption

The new STRALIS range of Euro 3 and Euro VI engines have higher displacement and torque for the same fuel consumption.
These new engines have also been fitted with a new electronically controlled variable geometry turbocharger (EVGT).


The Cursor engines offer a string of advantages:

more compact, less weight (using just one NOx treatment system downstream of the engine and no EGR makes it possible to achieve higher performance from lower-displacement engines compared with our competitors, thus leaving the size of the vehicle's cooling system unchanged
higher efficiency and lower fuel consumption thanks to optimised combustion without the use of EGR, and passive regeneration of the DPF (no need for post-injections of fuel to burn particulate, thereby reducing fuel consumption and thermal stresses on the after-treatment system),
class-leading specific power and torque thanks to the higher thermodynamic efficiency of the power-plants, combined with common rail technology and the new electronically controlled variable-geometry turbocharger.


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