Versatility and breadth of choice in its range of trucks

Versatility and Choice

The new Stralis is available in:

o 2 versions (tractor and chassis-cab) with gross vehicle weight of 18 to 32 tonnes and gross combined weight of up to 44 tonnes.

o 3 engines offering 8 power ratings of up to 560 HP.

o 3 cabs: HI-STREET - day cab and standard roof for single-day work, HI-ROAD - sleeper cab with standard or high roof, for medium-range work, HI-WAY - maximum width sleeper cab with standard or high roof for long-haul work.

o 2 or 3 axles with different configurations and a choice of fixed, liftable or steering axles, depending on application.


Stralis comes in a wide range of factory configurations – which meet the needs of all haulage jobs.


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