Specific solutions for off-road missions​.​​

​The Iveco DAILY 4X4 Is equipped with permanent all-wheel drive with differential lock.

The torque distribution (32% on the front axle and 68% on the rear) is designed to offer perfect grip on any terrain.

The 6 speed transmission (sixth overdrive) is coupled to the central transfer box with two reduction gears in order to obtain:

  • 24 forward gear ratios: 12 for mixed routes and 12 for off-road routes
  • And 4 reverse.

The first synchronized reduction gear can be selected (half speed) with the vehicle in motion, whilst the second reduction gear, for more off-road use, must be selected when the vehicle is stationary.

Selection and disconnection of the three differential locks depends on the action of a control unit and, by using specific buttons on the dash, the driver can decide to activate them even with the vehicle in motion.

DAILY 4X4 suspensions are particularly suited to off-road use. The parabolic longitudinal leaf springs are highly flexible and have ample range. The axles, mounted on leaf springs, guarantee stability and traction in difficult off-road conditions. The telescopic shock absorbers and the anti-roll stabilizer bars, together with the live axle, allow for excellent performance on any type of terrain and slope without penalizing load capacity.

With regards to the suspension offering,

  • At the front, independent suspension with telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers and torsion bar (transversal leaf spring on 35S “Single rear wheel” models) and anti roll bars;
  • on the rear axle, parabolic orsemi-elliptical with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers and anti roll bar.


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