When it comes to comfort is unsurpassed

At helm of the New Daily Camper has been specially designed to ensure maximum comfort even on longer trips.

The ergonomic position of the seat and the steering wheel controls and adjustable (45 mm in depth) reduce fatigue encouraging the concentration of the driver.

Everything is under control: the wide angles of visibility through the windscreen and door mirrors wide-angle also help to drive the motorhome more generous dimensions in complete safety.

The controls are easy to reach and willing to facilitate maneuvers on board. The position of the shifting lever built into the dashboard, as well as offering a high level of ergonomics, allows easy traversing of the cabin.
Everything finds its place in the handy storage compartment; materials have a choice of style: modern and functional increase comfort and ensure silent.

Every trip is special, for this can be found among the amenities, the suspension seats with three levels of adjustment (longitudinal, vertical and tilt), automatic air conditioning, heater and heating.


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