PTO – Power take-offs

Power take-offs

All models of the New Trakker are predisposed for the fitting of power take-offs with various ratios and performance specifications (torque delivery of 300 to 1000Nm) – which can be installed at various points of the vehicle depending on the type of conversion.

The predisposition includes:

o wiring looms in cab and on frame,
o dashboard-mounted control for PTO engagement,
o electronic control unit
o and expansion module for programming up to three PTOs.

Three different types of PTO are available, which differ by mode of use (with vehicle stationary or moving) and level of torque delivery:

o Engine PTO: usable in permanent mode, these offer high torque output both with the vehicle stationary and in movement;
o Gearbox PTO: ideal for primarily stationary applications requiring medium/low torque;
o Transfer box PTO: ideal for primarily stationary applications requiring high torque.


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