New Daily van. The most versatile space.

​New Daily van combines the right transport capacity with maximum productivity:

The DAILY Van is the most suitable solution for all South African Medium Commercial transport missions. A champion of reliability and strength, the DAILY Van is an agile and compact vehicle which offers manoeuvrability in urban traffic as well as high commercial speeds over long distances. All of this translates into maximum productivity.

Daily tackles any type of trip and mission in an ecological and economic way - with 2 power levels (146 and 176 HP), 4 gross vehicle weight variants (from 3.5 to 7 t), a cargo capacity up to 4.2 t and a towing capacity of up to 3.5 t.

The 3 interior heights, the 3 wheelbases and the 3 lengths, create 5 different cargo volumes (from 8.3 to 17.2 m3).

Combining all product variations, the customer can build a van which is practically tailor made.

The Daily offers a complete range with the right solution for any load requirement and thanks to the wide side sliding doors (available on the left or right side or both sides together), it can also be loaded from the side. The two rear doors open up 270 degrees all the way to the sides of the vehicle in order to reduce external protrusion in confined spaces. The interior height of up to 2.10 m permits even tall people to move about easily in the cargo area.

The DAILY is also available with twin rear wheels for loads with high specific weight.

In the Daily bus version, up to 22 passengers can be accommodated.


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